MLS Import plugin demo for
RealHomes WordPress Theme

Welcome to an exclusive demo of MLS Import plugin and the RealHomes WordPress Theme. The demo listings are sample data from a testing MLS source. That’s why you can browse through a limited number of listings only (there are ~60 properties imported at the moment). 

Keep in mind that you can add an unlimited number of listings from your MLS, and select what listings to show, including what property fields to import and display publicly.

This demo showcases how easy it is to work with RealHomes and IDX / MLS properties through MLS Import plugin. The theme’s functionality works out of the box with your MLS properties, while the integration with the theme design and features is seamless.

RealHomes is a Premium WordPress theme that has been purchased by over 20000 buyers. If you’d like to try our MLS Import product with full admin access, contact us.

#372 44 Mollie Avenue Fords, New Meda, Massachusetts 58309

Active Residential
$554,881 Condominium

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3186 SquareFeet
1 Bedrooms
12 Bathrooms
3 Garages

#458 59 Stanton Squares Parkways, Hoytside, North Carolina 11010-1995

Active Residential
$693,749 Single Family Residence

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9505 SquareFeet
3 Bedrooms
12 Bathrooms
4 Garages

#547 459 Quinton Ranch Route, East Kingchester, California 87983-7879

Active Residential
$657,836 Single Family Residence

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6956 SquareFeet
1 Bedrooms
9 Bathrooms
4 Garages

#663 6 Esmeralda Estate Ports, Travisport, California 15489

Active Residential
$316,857 Single Family Residence

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More Details
595 SquareFeet
4 Bedrooms
4 Bathrooms
1 Garages

MLS Import - How it works

Here is how MLS import works with the supported themes

Step One

You contact your MLS Association and obtain the MLS access credentials.

Step Two

Once we have your MLS account we setup the MLS Import Plugin, help you do the proper settings and do the initial import.

Step Three

Once the initial import is done the plugin is on auto pilot. Every 12h will check the MLS database and add, delete or edit the listings.

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